Fostered in Raleigh, NC area


Please read the bio carefully before applying!

BeeBee is a sweet one year old girl with a whole lot of energy!  As you can see she is absolutely gorgeous!

She does enjoy running and wrestling with other dogs however she is a resource guarder.  She will guard her food from other dogs (though I can put my hand there and she doesn’t attempt to bite).  She will also guard her toys, her bed, and even her human.  If she is sitting on your lap and another dog comes up to you she will go after the other dog.  This said, if another dog is laying in a bed she might go over and join them in the bed but if it is the other way around and she is in the bed first she will not let another dog come lay with her and will go after them.

We believe the best home for her would be a house with a fenced in backyard and either no other dogs or a senior dog that isn’t going to try to take her toys.  If there is another dog in the home then they should be fed separately.

We will only consider well experienced dog owners for adopting her.

If you would like to be considered as a potential forever home for this sweetie please fill out an adoption application today!