Medical Hold


Sweet Izzy is a four year old Frenchie mix (we do not know what she is mixed with). She is a small girl at less than 15lbs. As you can see from her picture she currently has some skin issues. Unfortunately her prior owner, who has passed away, didn’t keep her on flea/tick meds and she ended up with fleas and lost all her fur as a result. We are currently working with the veterinarian on getting her all fixed up. She is on some skin meds and is getting medicated baths.

Izzy came from a home with another dog and a cat and she currently is in a foster home with several other dogs so she is fine with both. We have been working on her housebreaking and if you take her out she will go outside but if you depend on her to go out on her own she will sometimes go in the house. We are working on it and know she is catching on!

Izzy is heartworm negative and current on vaccines. She will be spayed and microchipped prior to adoption but the vet wants to wait until we work on her skin.

Although Izzy is not currently available for adoption we feel she will be very soon so please feel free to fill out an application for her.