NOTE: This is a courtesy post for another rescue. This dog is not in PPR. To apply for handsome Lafayette please email the address on the posting and request an application from their organization.

Meet LaFayette!

This adorable and friendly little guy has had a rough time, but he is finally ready to find that special someone. LaFayette is 17 lbs and moderate energy. He likes to snuggle and sit in a lap. Lafayette likes the other dogs in the home but prefers a more low key canine friend. He is a little timid when it comes to cats.  He is a very smiley dog who does well with his foster mom’s older children and enjoys meeting friends, family, and neighbors. 
Lafayette came to us in very bad shape with a prolapsed rectum and full of parasites. The surgery went well, but Lafayette still takes a little longer than other dogs to do his business due to the nature of the procedure. He was short on hair and itchy when he came to us. With the help of several medications, shampoos, etc., his coat has come back nicely.

An adopter should be prepared to monitor his skin in case of relapse. He is also on a formula of food for sensitive skin and takes fish oil and fiber daily. His diet should remain consistent ( random table scraps, changes in treats, or food formula is not encouraged) and his stool and elimination habits should be monitored and a vet check would be warranted for changes.
Lafayette would do best in a home where an adopter is able to let him out every 3-4 hours. He is not able to hold his bowel movements for a typical 8-hour workday.  He tends to have a habit of going outside and straining to defecate when he is stressed. Some things that trigger stress for him are long periods in a crate and car rides.  He does seem to be fine overnight when sleeping with his foster mom. 

His age is unknown but we estimate 3-4 years. His original paperwork lists him as a senior, but his initial condition likely made him look older than his actual years.

LaFayette deserves a loving and dedicated adopter who will spoil him to make up for his first few years of struggle.  Please reach out for an application at
* We do prefer a fenced yard for Lafayette