Mickey and Minnie

Fostered in Raleigh, NC area

Mickey and Minnie

How cute are these babies?!  Everyone meet Mickey and Minnie!  They are nine years old and are bonded brother/sister littermates  looking for our forever home.   They came into rescue when their owner passed away and nobody in the family could take them.  They reached out to PPR and of course we said “yes”!

These babies are your typical velcro pugs.  If you leave the room they will be hot on your trail to see where you are going and what you are doing.   They mostly sleep the day away but they do enjoy getting out and going places with their foster mom.  They are great in the car and enjoy meeting new people.  Both of them recently attended a local pug event and enjoyed going from lap to lap getting love and affection.

Minnie has had bladder stones in the past so she must remain on prescription dog food to keep that from happening again.  She has had a dental since coming into rescue and had a lump removed.  We had pathology done on the lump and it was found to be benign….yeah!

Mickey has also had a dental and had a lump removed.  His did not require pathology since it was just fatty.  He does have one odd quirk, he wants you to be with him when he eats!  He will actually leave his food for hours if you don’t sit with him and keep giving him permission to eat more.  Very unpug like! haha

These babies are both complete sweethearts and will do well in almost any home.  If you are interested in them please fill out an application and ask for Mickey and Minnie!