Forever Foster


This sweeter than sweet girl is Angel.  Angel is thought to be about 10 years old.  Her story is a little hard to read.  Angel was found dumped on a dirt road along with a Dachshund (Ivy, who also came to PPR and has been adopted).  We know they were dumped there because Angel unfortunately cannot walk.  She does not let her inability to walk dampen her spirit!  Although Angel is also blind she knows when other dogs or her foster mom are going by and she turns in that direction.  If one of the other dogs happens to step on her then she tries to bite them and let them know she didn’t like it.  She has a lot of spunk!

Angel has had x-rays to see if surgery would be an option to help her walk again but the surgeon does not believe it would benefit her.  She has seen the ophthalmologist and has had injections to eliminate her glaucoma.  Angel will continue to go for acupuncture and to the chiropractor for as long as she is in rescue.

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